Accuserv Switchgear Program


Get Ahead of Switchgear Lead Time Issues | Reduce Costs | Take Control of the Supply Chain
Standardize Gear Packages Where Possible | Clear Visibility into Inventory and Lead Times

Accuserv has been in business since 1998 and has been a Square D partner for over 20 years. We offer design assistance, project management, product/inventory management, account management, fulfillment, logistics, and distribution expertise. 

Lead time challenges have complicated switchgear sourcing. To resolve this, we have been working with customers to standardize gear packages, increase the number and quantity of products we stock, and leverage our long-time Square D relationship – all in an effort to help customers open stores on time.

Switchgear Program Details:

Gear Package Assistance – Experienced staff to help standardize gear packages where possible. This standardization provides more efficient inventory management and improved product availability. 

Pre-Order Gear Program 

  • Leverage prototypical designs
  • Leverage gear package standardization
  • Tailored to each franchisee and/or region when needed
  • Order as early as possible in the development process, even before final individual site drawings are completed
  • Do not rely on Square D to manage delivery dates
  • Take control of the supply chain
  • Warehouse ordered material at Accuserv, no extra charge other the shipping fees from Accuserv to the construction site
  • Inventory professionally managed by support team to consolidate shipments, and coordinate with Franchisee or contractor to schedule delivery to construction sites
  • Warehoused material will be dedicated customer-owned stock and cannot be reallocated to other customers or projects
  • Receive weekly reports providing information on inventory levels, order status, ETA’s from Square D, etc.
  • Product invoiced as the material arrives at the Accuserv facility from Square D
  • Product assigned a franchisee-specific part number (i.e., ABC Franchisee orders a QOB120 breaker, the part # would become ABC-QOB120 in our system). The customer-specific part number ensures the product is dedicated and tracked accordingly. 
  • Product is also physically separated from general stock and stored in dedicated customer specific bin locations


Do not need the pre-order program but still looking for better control and access to gear?  

  • Orders can be fulfilled through a combination of Accuserv stock and, depending on configuration, Square D factory-assembled products 
  • If orders are placed well before need-by dates, the Accuserv stock will be allocated but is subject to re-allocation to other orders
  • Square D factory-assembled products will be placed in their manufacturing queuing process, but, as we have seen, their ship dates constantly move with little to no notice. 
  • Upside: The franchisee is not invoiced early. Downside: Product availability can be subject to change, and there is limited visibility from Schneider-managed ship dates. 

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