Leverage your organization’s national business to both, reduce the costs of construction and mitigate
supply chain issues.

Are you looking for opportunities to keep construction projects on track and control costs?

Accuserv has the collective buying power , warehousing, and logistics expertise to help control spend and keep products readily available. Let us help alleviate construction headaches.

Are you looking for a reliable supply chain partner?

We help manage your supply chain from start to finish. We’ll not only get you what you need but will make sure it is there when you need it.

Meet Accuserv.

We provide construction supply chain
solutions for organizations like yours.

Since 1998, Accuserv has been entrusted by some of the largest national brands to help reduce construction costs and improve the build-out process by leveraging technology and involving our unmatched team of resources. We understand how critical your project schedules are to ensure growth and long-term success. We understand that portfolio-wide remodel programs and new concept deliveries require a great deal of planning and coordination. Our team of designers, project managers, procurement staff, and distribution experts, will exceed industry best practices to ensure your success.

What We Do: Solutions & Products

Our vast options of services include design, sourcing, project management, procurement, and warehousing.  We cover logistics for a variety of construction-related items like lighting, electrical switchgear, HVAC, plumbing, floor coverings, and many other site and interior finish materials.



Save money. Save time.
Find solutions.

Update truck

Three Reasons To Use Accuserv


We provide consistent resources, which is essential in the development of program knowledge and continued relationship strength.

Leverage Your
Buying Power

Leverage combined volume to help not only control costs but reduce supply chain challenges.

Reduce Supply
Chain Issues

Ensure timely and accurate delivery and alleviate supply hiccups with our centralized warehouse and customer integrated system.

Don’t waste CapEx dollars.

Managing multiple projects for different facilities often results in a wasteful impact on the bottom line.  Accuserv will streamline your projects to prevent waste in all areas.

Ready to see how Accuserv is committed to helping you?

We will deliver the best value with our extensive experience, exceptional service, and outstanding results. It is why we have been entrusted by some of the largest and most complex businesses. 

Copyright © 2022, Accuserv Lighting and Equipment, LLC. |  Built by Grit and Gravel.



Copyright © 2022, Accuserv Lighting and Equipment, LLC. |  Built by Grit and Gravel.