Design Services


 Design Services • Procurement • Project Management • Inventory Control • Logistics & Distribution • Warranty Servicing

Since 1998, Accuserv has been entrusted by some of the largest national brands to help reduce construction costs and improve the build-out process by leveraging technology and involving our unmatched team of resources.

Design Services

Our design team has decades of experience assisting clients with specification selection, photometric analysis, value engineering, and technical expertise. We have strategic relationships with hundreds of vetted manufacturers to secure the highest quality and most cost-effective solutions to meet our customers design intent, budget goals, and project schedules. We use the latest technology in lighting design and follow industry trends to ensure that our customers have access to the best solutions for their brands. If more comprehensive budget work needs to be addressed with a customer’s current specifications, we will work directly with their A&E teams to value engineer holistic solutions that achieve the design and financial goals.

“I really enjoy the challenge of solving a design problem while enhancing the vision of the customer. When I accomplish that, while helping their budget, it’s a win for everyone involved!”

Tim Beam | VP of Design


Together with design professionals, the sourcing and procurement team at Accuserv provides customers access to hundreds of manufacturers across multiple categories of products. We provide a broad and diverse product portfolio, offering numerous solution options, including custom fabrication. Our team will manage and perform pricing exercises or more formal RFPs on behalf of our customers to ensure that they are getting direct access to the best pricing while seeing an array of options to best fit their needs. Once a customer approves their final specification – strategic purchasing methodology, inventory management technology, and leveraged buying power combine to provide the best procurement capabilities.

“At Accuserv we are proud to provide our customer with the best pricing and the best solutions in the business. We are able to do this because of the wide variety of partners and vendors we have accumulated since we started.”

Kevin Blakey | Accuserv Procurement

Project Management

Our Accuserv project management team oversees all of our services on a site-specific, project-by-project basis with the utmost precision. As the requirements of customers and the characteristics of each project are unique, the Accuserv team tailors the management strategy to ensure proper execution while exceeding expectations in all areas. From preparing digital take-offs and project estimates, PO issuance and inventory management, delivery coordination, and warranty servicing, we comprehensively manage every project from start to finish. Our team proactively and collaboratively works with your team and your contractors to ensure on-time fulfillment. Our experienced team knows lead times and construction schedules must be aligned, so open, clear communication is critical.

“It is critical that customer projects get completed, and their doors open on time. We are tireless about adhering to construction schedules while maintaining absolute accuracy.” 

Stacy Thomas | Accuserv Project Manager

Inventory Management

The Accuserv inventory team understands that supply chain management and proper product inventory are critical to the success of every project. Every day, we manage the sourcing, logistics, and delivery to ensure on-time fulfillment. Our team effectively resolves any known issues through direct engagement with the supply chain, project contractors, and logistics carriers. Accuserv manages all product inventory from our centrally located, 135,000-square-foot warehouse facility.

“When timelines are critical, inventory accuracy is an essential key to ensuring products are available when needed. We get it!”

Anthony Stidham | Inventory Management

Logistics & Distribution

The Accuserv warehouse team ensures that site-specific project items are consolidated, custom labeled, palletized, and prepared for shipment from our headquarters, coast to coast. All product deliveries are coordinated with on-site contacts to ensure alignment with project schedules and expectations.

“We know the construction team has a lot to do, so we are purposeful in how we organize, pack, and label each box headed to the site. We want to make it as easy to receive and use as we can.”

Eddie Monroe | VP of Warehousing and Logistics

Warranty Servicing

Accuserv service does not end once a project is complete. It is our policy to service the manufacturer’s parts warranty for every product we deliver. Our team will successfully manage the warranty process to enhance the customer experience throughout the product life cycle, coordinating item testing, repair, replacement, and service management.

“We don’t stop assisting once the products are delivered. We are here to help even after installation.”

Ashley Mistelske | Project Coordinator