These days, travelers aren’t simply looking for a place to lay their heads at night. Instead, they’re looking for a unique experience paired with a hotel that captures the flavor of the city they’re visiting. Those expectations, and others, are shaping current trends in hotel design.

Today, many hotels feature innovative indoor-outdoor spaces, integrating themselves into the city, or taking advantage of the natural beauty of their surroundings. While many smart hotels offer their guests high-tech experiences, other modern establishments incorporate ‘green’ practices into everything from water-saving shower heads to saltwater pools.

No longer are lobbies just for checking in and out. They’ve become social hubs with spacious living areas, live music, restaurants and bars. Now, hotels’ unique features create photo-worthy experiences guests are quick to snap and share, garnering excellent publicity for your establishment.

Even as the experience of staying in a hotel has changed, driving changes in hotel design, many of the logistical challenges of operating a hotel remain the same.

Pulling it together with the right procurement and logistics partner

Acquiring and administering the large quantities of facilities materials and front-of-house supplies a hotel needs to make it successfully to opening day can be daunting. Then, the hotel must meet the wants and needs of guests on an ongoing basis. For independent and boutique hotels, it can be especially challenging to manage all those details and still ensure a first-class guest experience. Selecting and purchasing supplies, organizing warehousing, and ensuring on-time delivery can be costly and overwhelming, especially if your hotel doesn’t have the corporate resources to manage those material logistics.

So why not let Accuserv handle the logistics for you?

Accuserv can supply everything from bathrobes, to plumbing fixtures, to the perfect lighting for lobbies, restaurants and guest rooms. Whether you’re building new or revitalizing, our purchasing and distribution power can be the backbone for your project. Accuserv can provide your hotel with everything it needs to get up and running, like we’re doing for the renovation of Louisville’s iconic Galt House.

Our logistics services take the hassle of purchasing and warehousing out of your hands. Our large network of high quality, competitively priced suppliers, ensures you get the material you need, on time, at a cost you can afford. Then, we keep track of rebate and warranty information for every item you purchase.

For example, Accuserv has worked with 21c Museum Hotels, a series of boutique hotels that use rehabilitated historic buildings in downtown locations across the southern United States. Each location is different, presenting 21c Museum Hotels with unique challenges Accuserv is able to help them meet. With Accuserv, 21c Museum Hotels ensures each of their locations will provide their guests with unique, first-class experiences.

“We’ve seen substantial cost and operational savings thanks to Accuserv,” said Meg Klempner Coomes, procurement manager for 21c Museum Hotels. “And, just as importantly, they’ve also given us peace of mind. Their team members are in constant communication with us, and their technology and expertise make the monumental tasks of procuring, warehousing, and distributing OS&E seem simple. We couldn’t ask for a better partner to bring our museum hotel concept to life.”

Accuserv can help you keep up with trends in hotel design and provide a world-class experience for your guests.

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