At Accuserv, our mission is simple: to help our partners save time and money through innovative supply chain solutions for facility-related materials.

When Taco Bell was looking to improve the energy efficiency and performance of the outdoor site lighting at 236 of their stores, they looked to Accuserv to identify and source solutions.

LED parking lot lights worked for Taco Bell, and they could be just the solution for your business, too.

Here are some of the reasons to consider these reliable, affordable site lights at your facilities:

They pack a one-two punch of energy efficiency and bright light for safe, well-lit parking lots and outdoor spaces. Switching to LED lights can result in a 40%-60% reduction in energy consumption per fixture, which translates into significant financial savings. And, compared to other lighting technology, LED lights are better at distributing light evenly across an area. In fact, they’re so effective that Taco Bell reduced its total number of fixtures at some locations, while still meeting or exceeding the franchise’s strict lighting requirements.

For added savings, an optional feature some smart LED lights offer is sensors that control light output based on activity in the area. When foot and car traffic is slow, the lights can dim, saving you money while still complying with local codes for outdoor lighting.

On top of the energy savings the lights provide, many states also offer rebates for purchasing this technology, so you can enjoy a quicker payback on your investment. It doesn’t hurt that you can expect to wait at least five years before any of the lights require maintenance, and a full 9-10 years before they need to be replaced!

The lights themselves come in a variety of finishes and versatile mounting options. Many LED outdoor lighting products also include surge suppression safeguards, and even more importantly, cyber security features.

Outdoor LED lighting is simple, reliable, and affordable. It can also be configured to meet a wide variety of facility needs. Read more about Taco Bell and how they installed 1,824 of these lights in four months to meet their energy-efficiency goals.

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