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Each 21c Museum Hotel has unique spaces and challenges, in part because many of their locations preserve and revitalize historic buildings. In all their museum hotels, a common thread is the need for a contemporary modern lighting system that exudes a contemporary feel, highlights the areas of interest (museum exhibits, guest experience, restaurant, etc.), and is as cost effective as possible.

21c also needed to manage the procurement, consolidation, and distribution of all operating supplies and equipment (OS&E) for each location. Prior to engaging with Accuserv, the hotel chain struggled to order, warehouse, ship and receive the hundreds of pieces of operating supplies and equipment needed to get their facilities fully functional. 21c’s constraints for this aspect of the project were finding the time, people, space, and money to deal with the various aspects of OS&E.

The Accuserv Solution:

Accuserv’s expertise and relationships with manufacturers, suppliers, and freight carriers, plus our ability to leverage greater value and lower costs, ensured 21c Museum Hotels could get the exact products they wanted to make their brand exceptional at the lowest possible landed cost.

Accuserv also enhanced 21c’s ability to receive and stock all OS&E. Our sourcing and procurement team worked hand-in-hand with 21c to identify, procure, warehouse, and deliver over 500 SKUs to different hotels. Additionally, our project management group ensured all materials were delivered, accounted for, and identified properly for easy storage and put-away. The Accuserv team made sure materials arrived on site unharmed and that each was tagged as per contractor requests to ensure smooth installations. Together, these changes saved 21c hundreds of hours of work and provided them with better systems and reporting.


What began as a local partnership has grown into a long-term relationship with projects across the Southeast. Accuserv was a perfect partner for 21c Museum Hotels because of our expertise in design engineering, our direct access to thousand of manufacturers, our procurement, warehousing and distribution capabilities, and our transparent business model. To date, Accuserv has saved 21c Museum Hotels millions of dollars across multiple projects. We’re proud to be their partner and are honored by the opportunity to play a small part in their growth.


"We've seen substantial cost and operational savings thanks to Accuserv, and, just as importantly, they've also given us peace of mind," said Meg Klempner Coomes, procurement manager for 21c Museum Hotels. "Their team members are in constant communication with us, and their technology and expertise make the monumental tasks of procuring, warehousing, and distributing OS&E seem simple. We couldn't ask for a better partner to bring our museum hotel concept to life."

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