Energy costs doubtless eat up a large portion of your company’s monthly expenses, so choosing the right HVAC system to begin with is one of the best ways to control costs. Whether you’re renovating, adding on, building new, or simply looking to update old equipment, it’s time to consider ductless cooling and heating for your business.

Just like the name implies, ductless HVAC systems are heating and cooling systems that don’t require ductwork. Similar to central systems, they have two primary parts: indoor air handling units and an outdoor compressor. Unlike central systems, they deliver air straight into a room, rather than forcing it out through a maze of ducts.

Right away, you may be imagining some of the benefits of ductless systems:

They offer flexibility.
Ductless HVAC systems are modular, so it’s a breeze to add units if your business is expanding. You also have options when it comes to installing the air handlers. They can be mounted on wall, recessed into a drop ceiling or wall, or suspended from a ceiling, which gives you more flexibility for interior design. Unlike a rooftop packaged unit, you can choose to install one unit or many to meet the needs of your facility.

They offer better zone control.
Their versatility and modular nature are part of what make ductless HVAC systems so good at zone control. You can operate each air handler independently of the others on the system, so each space is exactly the right temperature. Employees or residents can easily adjust the temperature and humidity for their individual comfort, so you can put an end to the constant battle over the thermostat! This also means you don’t have to spend money heating or cooling spaces while they’re unoccupied.

They’re more energy efficient.
Ductwork isn’t terribly efficient; says you can lose as much as 30% of your energy consumption simply moving air around in ducts, which amounts to money lost heating and cooling air that never even makes it into your usable spaces.  Conversely, ductless air handlers blow forced air directly into a room, resulting in more precise temperature and humidity control without wasting energy through ducts. Ductless systems follow ENERGY STAR guidelines, so they’re even more energy efficient than what the federal government requires.

They’re also a boon for your sustainability effort because they use a type of refrigerant, R410A, that uses fluoride and doesn’t contribute to ozone depletion. Visit our blog to learn more about the benefits of sourcing sustainable products for your business.

They save money. Although a ductless system initially costs more than a window unit, you’ll more than make up for the cost over the life of the system. These cost less to run than packaged and window units, and you may even be eligible for tax credits or utility rebates. Their energy efficiency and zone control capabilities, of course, also make them cost-effective.

They keep the air cleaner.
Traditional ductwork not only loses energy, but also carries dust, dander and other allergens throughout the system, contributing to air pollution within your facility. Ductless systems avoid that dirty buildup altogether, and they offer multiple-stage filtration for even cleaner air entering your rooms.

They’re easy to install.
Unlike a traditional system that can take weeks to install, ductless systems can often be up and running in just a day. Not only are they faster and easier to install, but they’re also much less disruptive to your business and your building. You won’t have to repair or build walls and ceilings around the unit. Instead, you’ll simply need a small hole to connect a small pipe from the compressor to the indoor air handling unit.

Now that you understand some of the benefits of ductless cooling and heating, let’s look at some ideal applications for the systems. The individual air handlers work best in small spaces, and the zoning capabilities mean the units are perfect for commercial and residential spaces that are broken up into multiple rooms. Ductless HVAC systems can be an excellent choice for:

  • Multi-tenant housing
  • Assisted living facilities
  • IT/server rooms
  • Office spaces
  • Spot heating and cooling
  • Small businesses like restaurants, coffee shops, corner grocery stores, flower shops and others

If you think ductless cooling and heating could the solution you’ve been searching for, learn more about your options at Haeir Ductless. For more information about facility design and specification, contact us. We work with hundreds of suppliers like Haeir and will work with you to find the best solutions for your business.

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