You know Accuserv as the leading supply chain management company, providing our customers with direct access to thousands of manufacturers around the world. We’re always working to stay one step ahead, which leads to exciting changes for our company and yours. Calendar year 2018 is still young, but it’s already been an eventful one.

Here’s what’s new at Accuserv:

Reorganized sales and service division

Our growing customer base is becoming increasingly diverse, and we understand that each industry and business we serve has unique needs. To give each customer in our diverse portfolio the specialized attention and customized solutions you’ve come to expect from Accuserv, we’ve restructured our sales and services team and promoted three employees to oversee our Project Management Office (PMO).  

Redefined print and collateral

Our new print and collateral division builds on Accuserv’s reputation for providing direct access to manufacturers, by providing high quality and customizable branded products, as well as complete price transparency so that your business can make sure it’s getting the best product for the money. Some of the services offered by the new division include:

  • Screen printing & embroidery
  • Print services
  • Warehousing
  • Custom e-commerce stores
  • Promotional products
  • Employee recognition & rewards
  • Franchise portals
  • Custom packaging

With Accuserv’s centralized distribution locations, you get the collateral you need when you need it.

Increased warehouse space

In a recent post about our expanded warehousing capabilities we talked about the rapidly growing importance of increased warehouse space and its impact on supply chains. To meet this rising need, we have increased our warehousing square footage in Louisville, KY to more than 165,000 square feet. This strategically centralized location allows Accuserv to shave valuable shipping time and cost to locations across nearly the entire United States.

Accuserv has also developed a customized warehouse management system that keeps our facilities operating at peak efficiency. This allows us to accurately manage inventory and fill orders more quickly for our customers.

In a rapidly evolving environment, it’s an exciting time to be in supply-chain management. At Accuserv, we’ve positioned ourselves to take advantage of the latest innovations and technologies to provide high-quality and price-transparent products to our customers.


Please get in touch to see how our customized supply chain solutions can help your business in 2018.

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