You know what a giant hassle it can be to replace a burned out light bulb? You’ve got to find a new bulb in the right shape, the right color, the right wattage and the right energy usage. All that searching for just the right thing may involve three trips to hardware stores or an hour of online searching and five days waiting for the bulb to be delivered. Who’s got time for that? Not you, you’ve got a business to run.

Enter Accuserv’s online ordering system. Working with a procurement and logistics provider who knows exactly what you need, down to the SKU of the battery for your drive-thru headset, removes purchasing headaches and frees up your staff to focus on customers instead of searching a dusty storeroom for supplies.

Customer portal makes ordering easy

One of the perks of working with Accuserv is tapping into the technology that streamlines purchasing and distribution. Not only do Accuserv’s customers know they have a partner to rely on, but they also have the benefit of a personalized customer portal to make ordering front-of-house supplies a breeze. Unlike other platforms that may include thousands upon thousands of products, your custom procurement site will only show the products that fit your business’s unique needs. No more sifting through 1,000 different light bulbs to find the one that goes in your lobby. No more buying in bulk and taking up valuable storage space. No more guesswork. You’ll see only the products relevant to your business, saving you time and removing frustration.

There’s a saying in the creative services industries that you get two out of three: fast, cheap, or good. Accuserv’s online ordering system makes all three possible! It allows you to quickly and securely order what you want, when you want it, and at a great price. Accuserv has high volume ordering capability that results in significant savings on front-of-house and facilities products like light fixtures, faucets, ceiling tiles and flooring.

The personalized online ordering system is just one of the ways Accuserv provides endless solutions to companies around the country. If you need help making over your entire supply chain or simply want to change the lights, contact Accuserv today.