Accuserv is founded on the principles of family and community. We realize that it isn’t just the partners that we serve, but the communities we serve, industries we serve in, and ultimately each and every person we meet along our journey.

  • Accuserv Expands Warehouse Capabilities

    In a recent blog, we talked about increased demand for warehouse space as one of several trends affecting supply chains this year. Accuserv is no exception and is expanding its…

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  • Four Supply Chain Trends to Watch in 2018

    Your supply chain is your company’s life-blood. It’s how you keep the raw materials on hand that you need to produce your product, it’s how you deliver that product to…

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  • Accuserv Redefines Print and Collateral Services

    Accuserv is once again proving our dedication to providing customers with limitless business solutions. Our new print and collateral division has set out to disrupt the industry and bring clients…

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  • The Simple Outdoor Lighting Upgrade That Will Save You Thousands

    At Accuserv, our mission is simple: to help our partners save time and money through innovative supply chain solutions for facility-related materials. When Taco Bell was looking to improve the…

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  • It’s the Best Time of the Year

    The Accuserv family recently held its Christmas party in Louisville, KY.  It was an incredible time of celebration as we gathered our talented team’s families, significant others, kids and grandkids…

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  • New Members Join the Accuserv Family

    The Accuserv family is growing, with the addition of Ben Brodnax, Natalie Burden, Mary Cox, Colton Fick, Greg Hogle, and Beau Hutchinson to its team of dedicated professionals. “We’re excited about the…

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  • Six Issues Facing Supply Chain Managers

    Between a global economy, regulatory uncertainty, and technological advances, it’s no wonder supply chain managers worry about keeping pace, managing cash flow, and meeting customer expectations. We’re outlining six issues…

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  • 6 Reasons to Consider Ductless Cooling and Heating for Your Business

    Energy costs doubtless eat up a large portion of your company’s monthly expenses, so choosing the right HVAC system to begin with is one of the best ways to control…

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  • Supply Chain Visibility – What is it, and Why Does it Matter?

    What is Supply Chain Visibility? Supply chain visibility means different things to different businesses. If you look up the definition, you’ll find lots of variations, most of which are as…

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  • 3 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Supply Chain

    Before deciding where to make your next investment in supply chain technology, step back and consider whether it makes more sense to outsource. Better yet, visit our blog, Does Your…

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