The problem

The glow of brightly colored lights in every Texas Roadhouse not only creates a unique ambiance but also a procurement hurdle for the restaurant locations. They use a multitude of custom lights, each tailored to a specific need. It’s hard enough to figure out which bulb to put in a single lamp, so imagine how complicated and time consuming it was for restaurant operators to single out and buy the right lights. They had to get the socket size, wattage, color temperature and other details, like compatibility with a custom dimming system, exactly right. Then, they paid retail markups on every purchase.

The supply solution

The custom online ordering system Accuserv designed for Texas Roadhouse consolidated 41 different light bulbs into an online store, along with light fixtures, fans, light and fan parts and accessories, controls and more. With the Accuserv supply solution, restaurant operators can log in from anywhere, anytime, to quickly find and buy the products they need with just a few clicks. They know they’re getting exactly what they need at manufacturer-direct pricing, and they’ve got live customer support to answer all their questions. There’s no middleman adding price markups, and next-day delivery options mean that no table, sign, or bar ever has to stay in the dark for long.

If you’re experiencing similar headaches in your multi-operator business, Accuserv’s custom online ordering system could be just the solution you need.