At Accuserv’s recent Elevate Expectations 2017 kickoff event, Accuserv distributed employee awards.  The Exceeding Expectations awards recognized nine employees for their outstanding achievements and leadership over the last year.


Congratulations to the award recipients:

Yes! Attitude Award (not pictured)
Presented to John Bujake by Mike Starcher

Atlas Holding the Heavens Award - Elevate Expectations
Atlas Holding the Heavens Award
Presented to Dana Bruce by Tim Beam

Gamer Award - Elevate Expectations
Gamer Award
Presented to Grant Doyle by Elia Tautua

Triple Crown Award - Elevate Expectations
Triple Crown Award
Presented to Barbara Dunn by Scott Terry

Life Saver Award - Elevate Expectations
Life Saver Award
Presented to Ashley Garner by Yukeba White

Hit the Ground Running Award - Elevate Expectations
Hit the Ground Running Award
Presented to Chris Gass by Eddie Monroe

Ninja Award - Elevate Expectations
Ninja Award
Presented to Spencer Holden by Ross Batchelor

Little Engine that Could Award - Elevate Expectations
Little Engine that Could Award
Presented to Chris Monroe by Bill Vertrees

Elevating Expectations Award - Elevate Expectations
Elevating Expectations Award
Presented to Eddie Monroe by Buddy Bockweg

These employees embody Accuserv’s values and support its corporate mission through their professional contributions. Congratulations to all who were honored with Elevate Expectations awards.