To better serve our customer partners, increase day-to-day efficiencies for improved project delivery, and better identify the industries we support through our proprietary business model, Accuserv has restructured its sales and service team. To accomplish these goals, we have created three new director-level positions and promoted three of our own to fill them.

“With our growth, we’ve also seen our customer base become more diverse,” said Buddy Bockweg, president of Accuserv. “We recognize that different industry verticals have unique needs that are best met with specialized expertise from our team, so we’ve reorganized our sales and service team. By promoting our own experienced employees, we’re able to leverage their knowledge and give our customers more personalized experiences.”

Grant Doyle and Spencer Maxwell have been named Project Management Office (PMO) directors. Ashley Garner has been promoted to the new Customer Experience Director position.

Grant Doyle joined Accuserv in 2013 and has worked as a project coordinator, account executive  and senior account executive during his tenure with the company. He will oversee strategic account management for our food service, finance, retail, government, hospitality and automotive projects.

Spencer Maxwell joined Accuserv in 2011 and has worked as a project coordinator and senior account executive. In his new role, he is responsible for strategic oversight of hospitality, healthcare, special projects, Esco, joint ventures and developer/consultancy relationships.

Together, Doyle and Maxwell are now responsible for overall strategic account management – providing leadership, coordination, and management of PMO activities. They will work hand in hand with Accuserv’s account executives, project coordinators and support team members who provide project management and administrative functions for all project activity. They will also meet regularly with our customer partners to better understand and plan for their inventory trends and project forecasting.

Ashley Garner has been with Accuserv since 2000. Most recently, she has served as a senior account executive. Now, in the role of Customer Experience Director, she will be responsible for meeting and exceeding overall customer service objectives.

Garner will oversee the managing arm of the PMO associated with all project activity that occurs from the time an order is placed to the time a warranty is serviced. She will also manage analytics, metric evaluation and communications for all customer service functions.

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